About Us

CTK Real Estate is a Kansas City based
Commerical Real Estate Development Company.

Formed in 1995, CTK Real Estate has developed quality, sustainable commercial and industrial properties. Our success is linked to our clients’ successes as we deliver unprecedented results. We are honored to be involved with some of the world’s largest corporations.

CTK Real Estate adds significant value to every one of the perfect fit for their specific real estate needs which, in turn, allows them to increase profitability and reputation in their selected market place.

Chris T. Kamberis is the Founder and President of CTK Real Estate, a national portfolio acquisition and development company. Mr. Kamberis has over two decades of experience in commercial real estate development and transactions involving disposition, sale leaseback, and acquisition development for numerous international companies.

To date, Mr. Kamberis has led new client projects with:

Mr. Kamberis has worked closely with Fortune 500 Companies to effectively and efficiently satisfy their various and complex real estate needs. As a property expert, Mr. Kamberis recognizes potential in any economic climate.

Mr. Kamberis personally oversees all projects and transactions. He and his team research all facets of each individual real estate opportunity, enabling them to analyze the project to the full potential in the marketplace.

It is this commitment that sets CTK Real Estate apart from its peers.

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